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Acceptance Criteria                                                                                                                                    

To qualify for this program the Student must meet the following criteria:

  •  Have a working knowledge of the English language

  •  Major in one of these disciplines: Business, Engineering, Computer Science

  •  Be a Southern Italian  by birth or origin and wish to work in Southern Italy *

  •  Be enrolled in a Southern Italian University

  •  Apply to the foundation  at least 3 months prior to coming to study in Seattle

  • Show proof of acceptance  from a University in Seattle

  • Not participated in this program before

The foundation will sponsor up to three students each year, but only two concurrently.

The students are expected to attend every class and be model citizens.

The student is encouraged to contact the foundation to get the latest information and help in the application process.

 * It is quite possible while in Seattle that the student will make contacts with companies that may offer employment.  In the event the student accepts, he is required to reimburse the foundation the cost of the airfare. After all, the foundation's goal is to have more "brains" in southern Italy, not to cause a "brain drain"