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Past Students                                                                                                                                               


Alessandro De Nisco was the first student to be part of this program. He is now a professor at the University of Sannio in Benevento.

Here is what he has to say, in his own words:

" I went to Seattle in the summer of 2006 as a visiting scholar at the University of Washington Business School. My experience was really great; the University has an absolutely amazing campus where one can find anything one needs, both for studying and for enjoying one's free time. Plus the classes are really very interesting. Moreover Seattle is a beautiful city; the quality of life is high and one can really smell the “industrial atmosphere”. I went with Emilio to visit Microsoft and I was very impressed by their organization.  Starbucks Coffee shops are everywhere, as Starbucks was founded in Seattle!!
I definitely suggest anyone to visit Seattle and to study at University of Washington. The things I have seen and learned during my visit have helped me a lot to improve my skills and my career."

Alessandro De Nisco


Other students:

Gabriella Mostallino, School of Economics, Bocconi University, Milano.  Academic Year 2005-2006

Pablo Rostani, Computer Science Major, University of Sannio in Benevento. Fall Quarter 2006

Daniela D'Aura, Biomedical Engineer, University Federico II, Naples. Academic year 2011-2012